Uber changes its U-logo for current apps to update its brand identity

On Tuesday, ride-hailing startup Uber made an inexplicable change to its logo --- the company ditched its simple U-logo for its current apps, and replaced it with a somewhat weird design; in an apparent effort to create a whole new look for its service.

Uber to use ‘Bop It’ toy to keep drunken passengers occupied during ride

In an announcement made via a blog post published on Tuesday, ride-hailing service Uber said that it will be using the typical 'misdirection' approach to keep drunken passengers from abusing drivers.

Uber’s popularity and remarkable growth may end the era of poorly paid cab drivers

The increasing popularity of Uber and its remarkable growth in recent times hints that the era of poorly paid cabs is apparently heading towards its end.

Uber Pays Double to Drivers, Farers Relieved

Hurricane Sandy has destroyed many things in the New York City, which everyone would be aware of. The devastation has also been noticed to have affected wireless and wired communication services in some regions. Now, a recent report has revealed that post-storm, Uber is also facing a problem in limo-summoning service.