Volvo launches the 2018 XC40 SUV

Luxury vehicle maker Volvo has just introduced the 2018 XC40, the company’s latest SUV that looks forward to compete with the Porsche Macan or Range Rover Evoque.

Volvo describes Tesla Autopilot feature as “unsupervised wannabe”

During the course of a recent interview with The Verge, automaker Volvo's Trent Victor - the company's senior technical leader of crash avoidance - said that Volvo has efforts underway to introduce an autonomous driving technology better than electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors' 'Autopilot' feature.

Google join forces with four companies to form ‘Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets’

Tech giant Google has joined forces with automakers Ford and Volvo, as well as ride-sharing service Uber and Lyft, to form a new coalition which will seek faster action from lawmakers and regulators in bringing self-driving vehicles to the market.

Volvo plans to test 100 self-driving cars in normal traffic conditions in China

In an announcement made in Beijing, China, Thursday morning local time, Swedish auto manufacturer Volvo Cars has revealed that it plans to conduct its self-driving car experiment -- which is part of the company's 'Drive Me' programme -- in China.