Violence in Spain after Controversial Referendum

Spain witnessed violence in Catalonia as controversial referendum was held. Local media reports suggest that nearly 40 percent of Catalans voted for independence.

Divers help rescue swamp wallaby near Coffs Harbour

A group of divers off the Coffs Harbour spotted a massive male swamp wallaby and helped resuce the animal when they discovered that it was distressed.

Chinese brands made noteworthy impression at 2013 MWC

The 2013 Mobile World Congress (MWC) - which concluded in Barcelona, Spain, on Thursday, February 28 - witnessed quite a few Chinese device makers, including Huawei Technologies, ZTE Corp and Lenovo Group, making a highly noteworthy impression.

Three bigwig carriers in China, Japan, and Korea agree on NFC 'roaming'

In a highly noteworthy move which will pave the way for travellers across East Asia to use their mobile handsets for travel as well as payments, common standards for touch-card technology have recently been agreed upon by three bigwig mobile operators in China, Japan, and Korea.