California voters to consider anti-smoking initiative in November

A California ballot initiative, which would not only increase taxes on tobacco products but also add previously untaxed e-cigarettes to the list, is scheduled to be placed before state voters for consideration in November.

Californians urged to support plastic bag ban initiative

Environmental and government leaders on Monday urged Californian voters to vote for Proposition 67, which proposes to put a ban on plastic bags at grocery stores and pharmacies.

Dan Jacobson, the legislative director for Environment California, and other backers of Proposition 67 gathered at the City Administration building in downtown San Diego to raise awareness about plastic pollution.

European grapevine moth has vanished from California

California grapevine producers or industry is now no more threatened by the European grapevine moth. Recently, Californian agricultures officials declared the state without the moth population that had posed danger to billions of worth crops in past seven years.

Cadillac unveils its new ‘Escala’ concept car

At a swanky motoring show -- the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance -- held in Southern California on Friday, Cadillac unveiled its new concept car --- the ‘Escala’ sedan. The name ‘Escala’ is Spanish for ‘scale.’