Cuvier’s Beaked Whale Sets New Deep-Sea Diving Record

Beaked whales are known for their diving capabilities, but it's only now that it has been revealed that how remarkable their skill is. A Cuvier's beaked whale has set a new deep-sea diving record by diving two miles into the Pacific Ocean.

Autism Occurs in Womb Long Before Birth

Scientists have discovered a new evidence to prove that autism is a kind of disorder that begins in the womb. Symptoms of autism could be caused by patchy changes in the developing brain long before birth takes place.

SpaceX postpones Falcon 9/Dragon ISS cargo mission by fortnight

Hawthorne, California-based private space firm SpaceX has confirmed that it has postponed its Falcon 9/Dragon supply mission for the International Space Station (ISS) by around a fortnight.

As per the original schedule, the SpaceX Falcon 9/Dragon ISS cargo mission had to launch on Sunday, March 16, at 4:41 a. m. local time.

Drone Armed with Camera Captures Dolphin Stampede

A drone armed with a GoPro camera has shot a stunning five minute video of a dolphin stampede. The video was shot off the waters of San Clemente, California.

These dolphins were part of a large megapod that has hundreds or sometimes thousands of dolphins. It is said that there are a number of such megapods existing in Southern California.