Circadian rhythms and heliotropism behind young sunflowers habit of following sun’s path

A research paper published the journal Science has solved a long-held mystery as to how young sunflowers follow the movement of the sun throughout the day from east to west. In night they turn back from west to east to greet the sun all over again.

California’s Lake Tahoe warms rapidly threatening its ecology

A new State of the Lake report expressed concern over Lake Tahoe of California warming very rapidly. According to its claims, increasing temperature of the lake at rate about 15 times its historic average would threaten clarity of lake by bringing changes to its ecology. This probably is a concerning news for those who use the lake for recreational purpose.

Google launches ‘Google Play Family Library’ for apps, movies, books, and TV

In a recently-published blog post, Google has announced that it is launching a new Family Sharing feature for Google Play apps, movies, TV shows, and books. The feature is called the 'Google Play Family Library.'

J&J subsidiary Acclarent to pay $18 million to resolve allegations involving Stratus

Justice Department announced Friday that Johnson & Johnson Inc subsidiary Acclarent Inc will pay $18 million to settle allegations levied on it that it has led healthcare providers to submit wrong claims to Medicare and other federal healthcare programs.