Mass Effect attraction at California Great America theme park opens on May 18

In a recent announcement, California Great America said that the Mass Effect attraction at their theme park is scheduled to be opened to visitors from May 18, 2016. The attraction was first announced for the theme park in September 2015.

Facebook tweaking its algorithm to show more stories of interest to users

In an announcement made via a blog post on Thursday, social network Facebook has revealed that it is rolling out a new update to tweak its algorithm, so that more stories of interest can be shown to users. The algorithm change announced by Facebook will chiefly revolve around the time spent by users take on reading an article posted on the social network.

Facebook starts suggesting businesses with which Messenger users might want to chat

In a move which underscores Facebook's apparent efforts to ensure that the use of its Messenger online chat tool is not restricted to conversations among friends only, the social network has now started making suggestions to users about businesses with which they might want to chat via Messenger.

Facebook apologizes for Safety Check glitch after terrorist attack in Pakistan

Social network Facebook has extended an apology for an apparent glitch its Safety Check alert system after the suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan, on Sunday, March 27. In the bombing, nearly 70 people were killed, and hundreds were injured.