Apple acquires sleep-tracking device maker Beddit

Cupertino-based tech giant Apple Inc. has acquired a Finnish company called Beddit, which makes sleep-tracking devices that work with iOS apps as well as the Apple Watch.

E coli Bacteria Used to Produce Propane

For the first time, a synthetic metabolic pathway has been developed to produce renewable propane. Researchers from the Imperial College London and the University of Turku in Finland used Escherichia coli to accomplish the task.

Brain Health and Cynicism may be Linked

A novel study by the researchers from the University of Eastern Finland says brain health and cynicism may be linked. People who do not trust others easily have more chances to develop dementia.

Genes Affect Music Ability: Study

A new research has revealed that musical abilities of human beings can be determined by their DNA. Several genes that detect and interpret sounds are actually responsible for affecting musical aptitude, said researchers.

The research team was led by Adjunct Professor Irma Jarvela of the University of Helsinki in Finland.