Environmental Factors Play Similar Role to Cause Autism as Genes

Researchers have revealed that environment has the same intensity to cause autism as genes do. After having one child with autism, parents often worry the risk of having the next one with the disease because same genes have the potential of repeating the unwanted.

Saturn is Forming a New Moon!

New images captured by the Cassini spacecraft have sparked a belief in astronomers that Saturn is forming a new moon. Since its launch to the ringed planet in 1997, the spacecraft has sent back essential data to scientists on earth to get significant insight into the planet and its moons.

Ornate Blossoms of Orchids giving a Reason to Gardeners to Smile

Weather conditions were troublesome for weeks as parts of the country witnessed the worst floods in decades during February. But, the weather inside the Princess of Wales Conservatory is positively warm and humid too.

Closeness of the Personal Space

The researchers have now discovered the actual meaning of too close by examining what's happening when people start feeling in danger by someone else's closeness.