North Korea

Stock markets slide as Tension with North Korea escalates

After President Trump warned North Korea about dire consequences, the powers in Pyongyang were quick to respond back. The issue has created little panic among investors across the world.

North Korea accidentally opens access to all websites – total 28 – hosted on its servers

In an apparently accidental disclosure on Monday, North Korea revealed a list of websites which can be accessed by people who have the advantage of Internet in the secretive country.

North Korea’s accidental opening of access -- at around 10 p.m. Pacific Time on Monday -- to all the websites hosted on its servers revealed that the country has only 28 registered domains.

NASA’s Satellite Captures Dozens of Fires in North Korea

A NASA satellite has captured dozens of fires across North Korea. The agency has blamed the country's aging infrastructure for those fires. NASA said that some of the fires have been spotted in heavily forested areas, suggesting that they could be wildfires. Reports have claimed that dropping power lines due to old power infrastructure often kindle wildfires in the country.

North Korea threatens nuclear attack against U.S.

A day after the US used nuclear-armed B-52 bombers in joint military drills with South Korea; the North Korean army issued a warning that it would attack US military bases in Japan and the island of Guam in the Pacific if provoked.