Kristian Kostov Registers Best Performance for Bulgaria in Eurovision

Kristian Kostov from Bulgaria has registered the best ever performance for a Bulgarian artist in Eurovision song contest in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Numbers of Germans Out of Work Increase Slightly in August

The rise in number of people without jobs was marginal in August while the unemployment rate was satisfactory, said the country's labor agency on Thursday. This indicates that the labor market in Europe's largest economy has not stumbled significantly amid a recent downfall in economic activity.

Euro loses further ground against USD

On Wednesday, the Euro continued to slide down and it eventually reached its lowest level in a year against the US dollar and other major currencies. The recent move in the currency is in accordance to the expectations that the European Central Bank will act soon to counter low growth and inflation.

Crude Oil $111 a Barrel Due to Unrest in Iraq

Crude oil prices have reached a three-year high of $111 a barrel due to fears of a supply shock as a result of al-Qaeda militants taking full control of Mosul, Tikrit and Samarra, and now moving close to the capital, Baghdad. The government forces have been seen fleeing from the Sunni-Muslim al-Qaeda areas.