United Kingdom

Vertu launches new $10,000-priced Android handset

Vertu, UK-based manufacturer and retailer of luxury mobile handsets, has launched its new smartphone - the Android-based `Vertu Ti' - which is a notably classy handset; thanks to its encasing by titanium, polished black ceramic and black leather.

BlackBerry Z10 witnesses record early sales in Canada, UK

Revealing that the early response to the new BlackBerry Z10 handset was quite upbeat, BlackBerry said in a last-week statement that the phone's first day in Canada was the best ever for the company, which had witnessed an almost three-fold increase in the sales of its best first-week performance in the UK.

Average US price of one gallon of gasoline increased 25 cents in two weeks

According to a Lundberg Survey report released on Sunday, the last two weeks witnessed nearly a quarter per gallon increase in the US gasoline prices, largely because of refinery shutdowns and a rise in crude oil prices.

Hackney’s hospice branded exceptional

It has been announced by the Care Quality Commission that for bringing a difference in the way social care and health services are regulated, a chief inspector of social care might be appointed.