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Introducing eggs and peanuts at early age may prevent allergies among children: Review

Introduction of eggs and peanuts in the first months could help children to develop tolerance towards these foods, suggests a research review. If toddlers as young as four months old are given eggs and peanuts then there is a possibility that there is a lower risk of developing allergies to those foods than those babies who taste these foods later.

Official starter kit for Raspberry Pi mini-computer launched

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has recently announced the launch of official starter kit for its Raspberry Pi low-cost mini-computer. The launch of the Raspberry Pi starter kit coincides with an announcement by the organization that the sales of the mini-computer have surpassed 10 million units.

Cancer Research UK highlights Childhood Obesity Crises

With children getting ready to start their academic year next week, Cancer Research UK has published figures which reveal shocking extent of childhood obesity. The figures show how one in five children starting primary school are overweight or obese, but when they leave, that figure rises to one in three. This calls for the parents and decision-makers to tackle the problem directly.

Duchess of Cambridge would encourage her children to seek therapy if they struggle psychologically

On Sunday, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge gave a message on mental health, saying that both, she and her husband Prince William are in favor of getting extra support if ever they need it for the mental health of their children. She said that they would definitely encourage their little ones to go for therapy if they ever struggle psychologically.