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SpaceX’s Grasshopper performs more aggressive steering maneuvers

Private space-flight company SpaceX's reusable rocket Grasshopper earlier this week showed its capability of performing more aggressive steering maneuvers than what is had demonstrated in previous flights.

The rocket on Tuesday flew to a height of 250 meters (nearly 820 feet) and made a 100-meter lateral maneuver before returning to its launch pad.

Mock Mars food space mission concludes

A four-month simulated mission aimed at studying ways to feed astronauts during a trip to Mars has finally concluded.

The mission, dubbed Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS), was launched in mid-April this year and concluded on Tuesday this week, when six explorers emerged from a space habitat.

Scientists Grow Human Heart Tissue; Beats on its Own

n an interesting step in the direction of transplantable human organs, a team of scientists at the University of Pittsburgh has grown human heart tissue. This tissue can beat on its own in a Petri dish.

Researchers Form Sensor Device to Put Signature in Lights

A group of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology has successfully developed a new sensor device, which has the potential to transform mechanical pressure into light signals.