Angela Merkel

Joerg Asmussen Takes Over Deputy Labour Minister in new German Government

Joerg Asmussen will take over deputy Labour Minister in new Germany government. He will quite as executive board member of European Central Bank in Frankfurt. Asmussen has earlier served as Finance Minister in Berlin.

White House to Amend Rules Regarding America's Electronic Surveillance

According to a report, there was public uproar over the National Security Agency, in a hearing where top US intelligence officials testified a few weeks ago.

The public hue and cry was over the National Security Agency as it is collecting the phone and email records of the officials and the citizens of Americans.

Angela Merkel expresses caution over use of 'fracking' in Germany

During the course of her address at a Wednesday, February 20, function in Berlin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel cautiously talked about the possible introduction of the revolutionary oil and gas technique of ‘fracking,’ saying that the main concern to be borne in mind while implementing such a move would be public safety.

Germany’s Neutral Stance Irks Israel

There has been a lot said about Germany's stand to remain neutral on the recent referendum on Palestine as a non-voting member of the United Nations General Assembly. It has apparently created friction between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.