Angela Merkel

Merkel’s Bundestag Speech

"The successful bond-repurchase is an important contribution to the improvement in Greece's ability to service her debt.

Germany Overturn the Circumcision Ban

German Parliament's decision on Dec. 12 has voted in favor of protecting infant male circumcision but only till a limit. In context to same, the legal body has passed a bill 434 to 100, with 46 abstentions.

Holland Brings Chill over the Rhine

Europe's continuous power game cards have been reshuffled as a consequence of a chill that has recently settled over the Rhine. The report says that the settlement is being seen following seven months the Socialist French President Francois Hollande's election.

Is All Well between Berlin and Israel?

A recent report talked about the visit of Israeli Prime Minister in Berlin in order to be part of the fourth intergovernmental consultations with Germany, being held since 2008. It has further been reported that the agenda of this meeting is on the lines of the rising tension between the two allies.