Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos becomes World’s Second Richest Person

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has become the world’s second richest person as his online retailing venture has gained tremendously in stock market valuation in the recent months.

‘Kindle Oasis’ details leak online ahead of official announcement

With Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos expected to officially announce a new, top-of-the-line Kindle e-reader -- likely to be dubbed ‘Kindle Oasis’ -- this week, some details of the forthcoming device leaked online on Monday.

Amazon suffers loss of $126m (€94m) in second-quarter

Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos is indeed testing the patience of his shareholders and investors as the company has declared that it has suffered a loss of $126m (€94m) in its second-quarter. This comes in when the company's sales have climbed up by 23% to $19.3bn (€14.3bn) and it still remains one of the most highly valued companies in the US.