Danish government proposes Tax cuts for stronger economy

Proposing a range of tax cuts that would help all income groups, Denmark’s government has said that the proposed move would encourage people to work more as well as to prolong an economic upswing.

German Central Bank moves 54K gold bars from Paris to Frankfurt

German Central Bank has revealed that it has moved 374 metric tons of gold worth more than $15 billion out of vaults in Paris back to Frankfurt over a period of five years.

Eurozone business keeps growing at solid pace

Business in the Eurozone kept growing at a solid pace in August, thanks to robust manufacturing performance that easily offset a slight slowdown in services growth.

Draghi cautions against hurried policy responses to new realities

Cautioning against rushed policy responses to the new economic realities, ECB President Mario Draghi called the unconventional monetary policy a success but stressed that gaps in understanding the