Google ending support for Picasa desktop album on March 15, 2016

In a Friday announcement, tech biggie Google said that it is shutting down its Picasa desktop album in March 2016.

Picasa is an image-organizing app which was acquired by Google 12 years back. Picasa was originally launched by Lifescape in
2002, with the aim of giving amateur photographers on the Windows platform the ability to edit photos as easily as iPhoto.

Google will stop uploading display ads built in Flash in Jan. 2017

In a recent announcement made via a Google+ post, tech giant Google said that it will stop running Flash ads in January 2017; and, thereafter, all display ads run by the company will be 100 percent in HTML5.

Apple Music launches on Sonos wireless speakers on Feb. 10

On Tuesday, Sonos announced via a blog post that Apple Music streaming music service will be officially become available on Sonos wireless speakers with effect from Wednesday, February 10, 2016.

Oculus reveals first batch of ‘Oculus Ready’ PCs from Asus, Dell, Alienware

In an announcement made on Tuesday, Oculus revealed the names of PC manufacturers -- and their PCs -- partnering in its ‘Oculus Ready PC’ program.

According to an update posted by Oculus on its official website on Tuesday, the first lot of ‘Oculus Ready’ gaming desktops will be offered by three PC manufacturers --- Asus, Dell, and Alienware.