Apple’s security check in new iPhones and iPads can disable the devices

According to recent reports, tech giant Apple put in place a security check in its new iPhone and iPad models, because of which the devices gets disabled when users get them fixed from a non-Apple-certified technician.

Alphabet plans to test wireless charging on its self-driving cars

According to recent documents filed by Google's parent company, Alphabet, with the US Federal Communications Commission
(FCC), the company evidently plans to test wireless charging on its self-driving cars.

Apple plans to bring more apps and services to Android

According to a 9to5Mac report released on Friday, tech biggie Apple slowly started embracing rival Google's Android mobile operating system in 2015, by bringing some of its apps to the Android platform for the first time.

Nearly 5 million vehicles being recalled worldwide to fix Continental airbag defect

In a recall similar to the massive Takata airbag recall, a number of bigwig automakers -- including Honda, Fiat Chrysler, Mercedes- Benz, and three other vehicle manufacturers -- will recall approximately 5 million vehicles worldwide, to fix a faulty airbag component supplied by German supplier Continental Automotive Systems.