SpaceX teases with new spacesuit design

Billionaire serial entrepreneur Elon Musk-led SpaceX shared an image of a new spacesuit that astronauts may one day wear during space travel aboard a SpaceX craft.

Google reportedly preparing to launch second-generation Pixel phones on October 5

Tech giant Google is preparing to unveil the second-generation of the Pixel smartphone in early October of this year, emerging reports suggested.

Google reportedly working on follow-up to Chromebook Pixel

In wake of recent rumors that Google is working on a follow-up to its discontinued second-generation Chromebook Pixel, some analysts have suggested that it is the perfect time for the launch of a n

Intel's 8th-gen Core CPUs expected to boost PC performance by 40%

Intel’s upcoming 8th-generation Core CPUs, which will feature quad-core processors inside of its chips, is expected to offer as much as 40 per cent faster performance than the previous generation.