Indiana witnesses Swine Flu’s New Strain

A new variant strain of the swine flu has made entry in Indiana. Authorities concerned were of the view that there are a number of fairs taking place in Indiana.

Therefore, there are chances that more people can get the flu. It has been found that four people have been diagnosed with H3N2v in June. Fairs will continue to take place during summer months at state and local levels.

ISDH Epidemiologist Pam Pontones said that 12 cases of new virus have been reported in Indiana. The State Board of Animal Health has carried out investigation. As per which, all those who have been diagnosed with the new virus have attended the Grant County 4-H Fair.

This fair took place from June 16 to June 22. Pontones said that investigations have been taking place and they cannot say anything in concrete for now.

The Indiana Board of Animal Health said that 13 pigs at the Grant County fair have been tested positive for H3N2v virus. "That was one incidence where we wanted to find out if the swine could have been a possibility for the illness in the individuals that had visited the fair", said Janelle Thompson, who is the spokesman of the BOAH.