Microsoft makes some announcements for Xbox at its Windows event

At its recently-held Windows event, Microsoft chiefly focused on 3D image capturing and designing, though it also made some noteworthy announcements for its Xbox gaming console.

According to Microsoft's Xbox-specific announcements, updates to the console will include the capability for the Xbox users to host their own tournaments within games. Those tournaments can be played by the console users with their friends across Xbox and Windows 10 PCs.

Another significant announcement made by Microsoft in relation to the Xbox section was the Windows 10 Creators Update - scheduled for release in early 2017 - will bring Dolby Atmos support to the Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles.

The Xbox One S console is the first console to boast a built-in 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, though Blu-rays can also be played on Xbox One. Despite the fact that both formats can have a Dolby Atmos soundtrack, neither of the two consoles has thus far been able to output to a Dolby Atmos AV receiver. Since Dolby Atmos adds height channels to expand upon a standard 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound system for creating a more all-encompassing sound field, the update will enable the Xbox One and Xbox One S console to combine Blu-ray, 4K and Atmos into one package, thereby becoming more powerful home media devices.