Slice: New MacBook Pro’s revenue figures are already 7x more than 12” MacBook at launch

According to the latest sales statistics released by research firm Slice, the revenue generated by Apple’s new MacBook Pro laptop has already surpassed, by more than seven times, the revenue generated by the 12-inch MacBook when it was launched in April 2015.

The latest Slice statistics also show that the new MacBook Pro laptop’s launch sales for are already equal to 78 percent of all of the revenue which the 12-inch MacBook has accumulated since its launch.

In fact, the sales data collected by Slice also shows that the new MacBook Pro, which was released a few weeks back, has generated more revenue than any other laptop launched in 2016.

The data released by Slice is in accordance with an announcement by Apple that the orders received by the company for the new MacBook Pro laptop were more than the orders it has ever received for any of its other professional-grade laptops.

Despite the fact that some enthusiasts were displeased at what they felt were unnecessary changes and concessions -- including the lack of full-size USB ports, the MagSafe charging connector, and HDMI port, among others -- for the pro-focused new MacBook Pro, Apple’s marketing head Phil Schiller said: "We know we made good decisions about what to build into the new MacBook Pro and that the result is the best notebook ever made…”