Nintendo announces that Wii U production is scheduled to end soon

In a recent announcement made on its official Japanese site, Nintendo has said that it will soon end the production of its Wii U gaming console.

Nintendo’s recently announced move to end the Wii U production was being speculated by market watchers for quite some time now, especially after the company’s recent unveiling of the Wii U successor --- the ‘Nintendo Switch’ console.

With Nintendo planning to launch the Switch console in March 2017, it was being widely assumed that the company would discontinue the Wii U console which it had launched in 2013 to challenge the Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation 3 consoles.

Even though Nintendo had previously said that it would continue the production of the Wii U console despite the slated sale of the upcoming Switch console in March next year, the company has now announced that it is ending the Wii U production.

According to the announcement on Nintendo’s Japanese site, the production of Wii U console is scheduled to “end soon” in Japan. However, in the US, where the console is sold via third-party retailers, the sale of the console will apparently continue till stocks last.