D-Link partners with Microsoft to reach ‘Super Wi-Fi’ to rural communities worldwide

In an announcement made in Taipei on Monday, John Hsuan – the Chairman of networking equipment manufacturer D-Link – said that D-Link has partnered with software giant Microsoft to give a notable push to ‘Super Wi-Fi’ wireless infrastructure.

According to Hsuan, the key focus of the partnership between D-Link and Microsoft is to reach ‘Super Wi-Fi’ network to rural communities across the world.

The ‘Super Wi-Fi’ wireless infrastructure which forms the basis of the partnership between D-Link and Microsoft is set to be based on the 802.11af protocol. The infrastructure will basically exploit unused bandwidth in the lower-frequency white spaces between TV channel frequencies where signals travel further than at higher frequencies.

In announcing the partnership between D-Link and Microsoft to set ‘Super Wi-Fi’ in motion, D-Link said that the first phase of a pilot program has already been commenced in an undisclosed American state; and that trials are also scheduled to run in three more countries.

About D-Link’s partnership with Microsoft to give ‘Super Wi-Fi’ a push, Graeme Reardon -- Sydney-based D-Link Managing Director for ANZ -- said that D-Link has “a role to play in helping all countries and future generations better connect;" and added: "Our goal is … to help deliver Super Wi-Fi as a technological platform for growth to the world's underdeveloped regions."