CIRP: Amazon has sold 5.1 million Echo units in US thus far

According to a recently released Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) report, the sales of online retail giant Amazon’s Echo smart speakers – launched two years back – in the US has surpassed the ‘5 million units sold’ mark.

The $180-priced Amazon Echo smart speaker was first made available for purchase exclusively for Amazon Prime members in 2014. And, in June 2015, Amazon announced the general availability of the smart speaker to all consumers.

In reporting that a sales milestone has been reached by the Amazon Echo smart speaker in the US, the CIRP said that Amazon sold nearly 2 million Echo units during the nine-month period between January and September 2016.

Despite the fact that Amazon itself does not disclose its sales figures for the Echo smart speaker, the CIRP report has pointed out that the awareness of the smart speaker has been on the increase of late. As per the report, nearly 69 percent of Amazon’s US-based customers were aware of the Echo in September 2016, as against barely 20 percent in March 2015.

Meanwhile, about how the Amazon Echo is used by its owners, CIRP co-founder Josh Lowitz said: “Our research shows that more than half of Echo owners use the device as more than a voice-controlled music speaker. Users report asking about weather and news, and increasingly controlling other connected devices.”