Screen Addicts in Future Generation

A future ruled by technology and enslaved in the hands of laptop screens is being feared by the researchers.

A recent research has shed light on the fact that the present generation spends too much time in front of screens. More than half of this generation may be spending 23 years of their life in front of screens. This sounds a good wastage of time in a human life span of 100 years.

GreenTech Automotive’s Former Head, McAuliffe, Facing Inquest

Car Company, GreenTech Automotive, is facing an investigation being conducted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A report has unveiled that Terry McAuliffe is being questioned more amid the same.

The reason behind the same is that the firm was once owned by McAuliffe. Now, McAuliffe is Democratic candidate for governor of Virginia.

Remembrance of World War II Airman Killed in Australia

Sgt. William James McCurdy was remembered on a memorial to victims of the National Socialists in that country. He was murdered by Austrian Nazis in 1944.

His name is on a memorial in Austria's Drau Valley, according to the Idaho State Journal reports. Austrian militia members killed McCurdy, from Pocatello, after he parachuted from a damaged B-17 bomber in November 1944.

Apple confirms acquisition of communications chips developer Passif Semiconductor

In a deal that has been confirmed by Apple, the tech giant is acquiring California-based communications chips developer Passif Semiconductor. The acquisition is noteworthy because the chips developed by Passif require less power for devices to exchange information with one another.