Annual fall Community Flu Shot Clinics underway in Columbia County

In a move which underscores that fall flu vaccine clinics are currently underway in Columbia County, the Health Department of the County has recently revealed that it has started its annual fall Community Flu Shot Clinics from Wednesday.

Half of South Indians Seeing Infertility

A study recently conducted by a group of researchers has unveiled that nearly half of all couples of age group 31-40 years in South India are not able to conceive.

While they should seek treatment in such a case, they look forward to god's will. Thereby, treatment for their infertility is delayed by them.

Mixed Reviews on Geoengineering

Geoengineering is an intentional attempt to cool down the Earth as well as to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

It seems to be a promising option, but experts have divided opinion on the same. Some of the scientists are of the opinion that geoengineering is a technology that is in initial stage of development. Not only this, it has yet to be tested on global level.

Northwest Passage: Full of Adventure

Sea route passage between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the Northwest Passage is considered to be one of the adventurous journeys.

There was a time, when the route was only taken by skilled polar explorers as the route is quite unpredictable. Sometimes, one will found just cold winds and ice-free; the other time, the passage will be having ice that won't get even by icebreakers.