Rise in Climate Change Correlated with Increase in Violence Incidents

According to a study published in Science, it has been unveiled that rise in climate change has led to rise in violence taking place across the world.

Netflix to roll out multi-user profiles for single accounts to users worldwide

Video streaming service Netflix announced a new feature - dubbed `User Profiles' - on Thursday. The new feature will give the Netflix users the ability to create a maximum of five different profiles with one single account. Netflix started testing `User Profiles' with a select number of accounts in January this year.

Carl Icahn sues Michael Dell and Silver Lake Partners to prevent proposal to buy out Dell company

On Thursday, billionaire and top Dell investor Carl Icahn filed a lawsuit against Dell's founder Michael Dell and financial backer Silver Lake Partners, to prevent the proposal of taking the company private.

Fall in claims for work-related injuries and diseases

A report shows that in past 10 years there has been a reduction in work injury claims by 60 per cent pointing towards the spiraling compensation culture presented by the government.

In 2000 to 2001, there were 219,183 people who actually received awards for work-related injuries or diseases and in 2011 to 2012, this number came down to 87,655.