Fertility therapy does not affect Woman’s Heart: Study

A recent study has said that all those women who give birth after fertility treatment are not vulnerable to increased death risk or major cardiovascular problems.

‘Blackfish’ to Unveil about Ugly History of SeaWorld

SeaWorld accidents' videos are quite disturbing. It is said that `Blackfish' will be able to uncover the ugly history of Sea World.

The documentary prepared by the CNN Films tries to find an answer as what makes sharks to attack their trainers. While trying to know this answer, an incident has also been described that took place in 2010.

Return of Wolves has Helped Grizzly Bears

As per a research carried out by a group of researchers from Oregon State University and Washington State University, it has been unveiled that return of wolves in Yellowstone National Park has helped grizzly bear in terms of their diet.

Health Secretary's cuts to services quashed by High Court

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt could not go ahead with his decision of cutting services at a major hospital as the decision was quashed by the High Court.

As the judge ruled Hunt did not possess the power to cut down services as he decided to downgrade casualty and maternity services at Lewisham Hospital in south-east London. There was applause in the court following this.